“DeNet: Decentralized Data Storage&Web Hosting Service”

In the history of the world, inventions and discoveries have always led to different developments. The presence of the wheel, the fire, the writing has always been a new epoch-making phenomenon. Then gunpowder, steamy ships say telegraph, telephone and the first computer built in the size of a hall in the period we were in, we now have smart devices that we have not dropped. This is the revolution that has entered our lives in a revolutionary way, which has stimulated the development of technology and science. Globalization has come to the real meaning and pace with the widespread use of the internet. The internet, which brings science and information closer to us than ever, has now become the most important network linking international organizations, governments, NGOs, universities, companies, and every field and sector. We may all be hungry and thirsty for a few days, but I am sure it is much harder to stay without the internet. Okumaya devam et

Solution to Content Revenues-SleekPlay

Are not you tired of the ads that are constantly out there? Or as a developer, have you become unable to earn money from ads? Both sides are not satisfied with this situation. Either the ad watch or money model is no longer available. How would the developer gain more if both users use and pay for it?

Everybody’s winning!

Sleekplay is a new content-revenue solution based on block-chain. It makes the processing power of user devices profitable to application developers. Users also get rid of annoying ads. Sleekplay aims to change the consumption, distribution and revenue generation of digital content applications.

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Revolutionary Solution in Blockchain

As is known, the e-commerce industry has been growing wildly in recent years. Nevertheless, small and medium-sized businesses that can not keep up with this pace are lagging behind in this competitive environment. Customers want to reach the most suitable goods and services in the most appropriate way. On the other hand, he is trying to realize this at the lowest rates, the fastest. While this sector is already growing, of course, technology is accompanied by it, or even going one step ahead of the world economy. Of course, we are talking about the latest technological revolution, blockchain. From a revolution, we can call it the beginning of the revolution. It is not exactly the case that life can be adorned. Korona coin also offers its customers faster and lower fees than other payment systems.

With the help of the Korona Project, you will be able to buy the desired product in a different region of the world, with no serious price differences, at the most reasonable prices and in the simplest and fastest way. How does Korona make this comparison at the point where the best products are offered at the most affordable prices? It offers the most appropriate option, starting with Europe and continuing to make comparisons at the global level. Okumaya devam et

Retail.Global and Its Innovations

E-commerce has undoubtedly become one of the most popular activities around the world, especially thanks to its very successful examples like Amazon and eBay. Today, however, the e-commerce market is particularly troubled to maintain and increase global sales. This challenge is more evident for small and medium-sized businesses. Because these businesses also have to compete in a global marketplace, it is difficult for them to manage all processes that come with a global e-commerce transaction. It’s not easy to manage delivery, payment, logistics, support, advertising, marketing, analysis, integration and more in the e-commerce process.

The problem Retail. Global is trying to solve is exactly these difficulties that we briefly mentioned. Retail. Global wants to integrate its solutions for a global e-commerce business on one platform, regardless of its size and business volume. The mission is to bring innovation to retail sales and create a great customer shopping experience. The project also offers smart contracts, a transparent supply chain and support rewards program to its user’s thanks to new t

echnologies supported by BlockChain.

What is Retail Global?

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