New Approach in Travel Ecosystem: WeGold


Powered by block-chain technology, WEGOLD offers WEGOGO, a centralized and fair travel-sharing platform where individuals can earn money on their travel expenses. The platform, its travelers in China and Southeast Asia, are connected by the world’s largest travel-tail experience. WEGOGO has already reached more than 5,000 operations with its beta-stage mobile app, including 400 local activities, authentic tours, and 10 destinations.


Economic Growth

China’s success story is not a short story. Since the world’s second-largest economy, people in China have more time to travel around the world and have more time to travel because they have changed their view of the world, and so travel more. Okumaya devam et

Responsible Revolution: White Rabbit

All people have found themselves a hobby to relieve themselves. We can put movies on these hobbies. Now that the Internet has entered our homes, film viewing has become both easy and cumbersome for us. After the developments in the digital world, people can now reach the broadcasting they want in time and space instead of the broadcasts that are watched at certain times against television and cinema. Despite the economic development of this sector, which has a lot of controversies, the damage suffered by real laborers such as directors, screenwriters, writers, and producers who provide content has increased day by day. People unwittingly support crime-free websites and digital broadcast providers by pirating this monopoly by engaging in criminal offense against copyright laws. Okumaya devam et

GRE: Global Risk Exchange Ecosystem

The risk is part of everyday life. No, everything we do or where we live is at risk. The risk grade changes in different situations. Traditional insurance products are centralized and provide a common solution for everyone. This creates problems for diversified individuals with a risk profile. The lack of personalized insurance products is a big problem for the insurance sector. The traditional insurance industry has lost a lot of financial resources. Okumaya devam et

A New Production Platform : eHarvestHub

The biggest problem for agricultural producers nowadays that we can use every field of technology is the increase in production costs and besides, they can not earn enough income from the products they produce. While most of the income is obtained by the intermediaries, the price is rising and the product is increased by 7-10 times to reach the consumer. Here, the biggest loss is seen in the manufacturer, the consumer is also affected negatively because of the prices that the intermediaries raise unfairly. Okumaya devam et

Masternode Foundation-MANO

With the invention of Blockchain technology, many new fields emerged. For example, many well-established areas such as investment, health, industry, tourism, commerce, industry and technology have begun to turn into blockchain-based projects. In my current article, I would like to talk about a topic that interests many investors, especially those investing in blockchain technology. Okumaya devam et

Qurrex Redefines Crypto Trading

The new stock market Qurrex, which has been withdrawing from the days of activity, offers many new tools to crypto-money investors. Here is everything you need to know about Qurrex.

Qurrex stock exchange, the experienced team of investment managers have come to the end of their work. Defined as a hybrid crypto money exchange, the Qurrex crypto brings new tools and investors to the money world. Traditionally like NASDAQ and NYSE, Qurrex offers unprecedented functionality to its users, such as Coinbase and Binance, as well as a combination of centralized exchanges such as Radar, Melonport, and Kyber. Qurrex’s innovative vehicle tool is a huge benefit for both experienced and new investors. Okumaya devam et

Micro-Learning Platform: Code of Talent

The Code of Talent is the world’s first Blockchain-aided micro-learning platform designed to enhance people’s learning motivation. Code of Talent is a block-chain platform that aims to change the traditional education system. With this platform, everyone can participate and learn to make training easier. In addition, students on this platform can earn prizes as they learn. This project aims to motivate users to learn and thus help them fill the gap between knowledge and skills. Okumaya devam et

A New Cyrpto-Mining Platform : Node Haven

In today’s days when technological developments have begun to take shape behind us, we often hear words like Blockchain and Crypto money. Especially with the introduction of the blockchain into my life, I was introduced to crypto money in a revolutionary way. The number of crypto coins that started with Bitcoin, the most popular crypto coin, exceeded 1,500 in about 10 years. For decades, the vast majority of the community has come close to crypto parallax and only has to observe. However, many people approaching the distance between blockchain and crypto paradigm have begun to shape their investments accordingly, not in the face of the developments experienced in the institution. Okumaya devam et

A New Confidential Platform : Coinnup

With the development of technology in our globalized world, every sector has gone through innovations and changes, from health education to agriculture to spore. The most visible area of this change is the business world and money markets. Particularly in the revolutionary way, the Internet has led to the spread of our lives and the advantages that come with it, and many business and transactions we have carried out daily, especially our shopping habits, have been moved to the digital world. Thanks to the internet, we have been able to follow the academic programs online, pay our bills, make business negotiations with people on the other side of the world, and have unlimited access to information and instant delivery. Especially, instead of visiting shops and shops, we have got the opportunity to get the best quality product, from the place where we live, even if it is cheap at the end of the world. Our marketplace has begun to come home and we have had the chance to keep up with the social media platforms and be informed of the discounts in time. Okumaya devam et