Traveler: Revolution In The Travel Industry

The crypto money market is a predictable situation for everyone to continue to grow. Now the market is over $ 300 billion in volume and it’s been almost twice as long as last year. As this new asset class became more widespread, a more sophisticated customer group emerged that wanted to embrace new technologies and global experiences through travel. Surveys show that between 2014 and 2016, the crypto-currency industry fell to its exponential growth, while the tourism industry’s total global economic effect was $ 7.6 trillion per year. Okumaya devam et

4NEW: Waste Energy Problem Solution

Cryptocurrencies and ICOs exploded in 2018, despite the bad news of the market. New projects come in every day. It needs to be innovative. Something new, something to replace the old system, something to solve in the community or at work, to solve the problem … Seven years ago, there was nobody to make a lot of changes to make the blockchain technology enter your life. People want to be part of this revolutionary technology, they want to invest, they want to know more about these new projects that are put on the market every day. Okumaya devam et

Distributed protocol powering derivatives: Taurus0x

Blockchain technology has been adopted by wider masses day by day. Particularly, the entry of Blockchain into the field of finance has been an important development affecting financial developments and order in the world. In particular, Bitcoin, traded at $ 1 million in 2011, traded more than $ 19,000 last year, and the recent upsurge in the financial sector has led to an interesting crypto paralysis. Okumaya devam et

Smart solutions for the HealthTech industry

Aenco is a block that reinforces the involvement of traditional budget administrations and major funders for many years with a complementary progress and new application system, focusing around the stage of global monetary regulation. “Aenco Global HealthTech Financial Solution Platform”.

What is so special about Aemco?

• Aenco is the world’s first financial platform for blockchain-based healthcare technology that uses institutional financing, worldwide business operations and intelligent capital regulation and advances in medical services.
• Aenco is a “one-stop” organization for the transfer of corporate financing, business premium and central budgeting organic system with AEN as the environmental domain, with a wide network of social insurance innovation. key and management and transport networks.
• Aenco is backed by an organized rally framework (including the establishment of a trade bank in the rally) and proximity to real neighborhoods such as Europe, Hong Kong, and the United States. Aenco will pass his answers successfully. and fast developing environment.
Our façade dreams of exploiting the quality of block chains and decentralized practices by benefiting developmental organizations and visionaries from a reasonable perspective for developing institutions and developing them in the development of commercial activities. Central governments or “HealthTech Solutions” are categorized into three (3) key columns:
(i) Solution Aenco IB;
(ii) Aenco Prime Solutions;
(iii) Aenco SmartCap Solutions.
including but not limited to the following objectives, to promote the organization of the Healthtech monetary regime by the platform Aenco to strengthen the core proposals Under the three main footsteps:
• Administrative systems provide relevant computerized arrangements, including but not limited to researching ways to market future guarantees sought in authorized channels, but are not limited to and supported by Healthtech, with symbolic contributions sponsored by best practices;
• Provision of a Digital Signature Form, AEN Tokens and an Internally Generated Commercial Exchange Platform (AENX) for a supported HealthTech Client Token;
• Facilitating market assistance liquidity for AEN Tokens and supporting the complex use of HealthTech through AENX and other external operations;
• to provide safe and decentralized assurance for computerized resources;GLOBAL HEALTHTECH BLOCKCHAIN FINANCIAL SOLUTIONS-BASIC SERVICES:
Aenco will create a global phase of monetary regimes based on the blockchain using a decentralized biological system while operating within an all-inclusive administrative certification system to achieve broad administrative requirements. block chains that combine traditional and current strategies. Emphasize governments. Such administrations need to be fed and encouraged as a changeable means of exchange by a master crypto (BTC, ETH) recognized by the centrally created NEA; The evidence from the NEA partners will appreciate the previously defined utility benefits over the Aenco biological community.
Our IB Solution Platform will support, develop and participate in humanitarian service innovation development organizations with an eager dream that leads to a positive and enormous change in society, for example by focusing on local circulation. If necessary, build our symbolic biological systems under our highly competent framework under the highest quality of best practices.

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Revolution in Data Generation: Dataeum

Nowadays, there is no need to reach out to know and explain the importance of our lives. The influence of the internet on our daily lives has changed 10 times compared to 10 years ago, maybe 200 times compared to 20 years ago. Perhaps we can learn from a smartphone by listening to a song we love in a café but we do not know. Or at one point we do not know, we can go very comfortably with navigation. Of course, the effect of knowledge and rapid learning in our daily lives is quite high. Sociologically it has to be examined, the ability to share everything at any moment and to have it all at once is, unfortunately, the greatest addiction of our time.

It is another sign that we are in control of technological instruments, I think people should be quite afraid of theft, but they do not know all their knowledge in a virtual application without questioning it and they should always be programmed to not want more.

Nowadays we face a problem that data is processed in companies and the collection cannot be presented in the simplest form. The problem of not being able to sort by the quality of the data and the quality of the data too much clogs the front. Even the biggest companies in the world, Google, and Facebook are able to present our positional knowledge and the words and phrases we look for in the wrong way. We can clearly see that the artificial intelligence algorithms do not yet understand human nature.

What is DATAEUM?

Where data cannot be examined even by the largest companies in the world, Dataeum is doing what is not done and aims to achieve maximum performance by ensuring that each user is involved. The aggregated physical or virtual data will be collected on a single platform, and its correctness can be easily tested by anyone. The data collected on the platform will be shared securely between the data collector and the requestor. Smart Contracts and Blockchain technology together to deliver a safe, accurate and transparent service to the user.


Dataeum, a decentralized platform, aims to provide a transparent and secure solution for its users. Dataheum, which has a service concept based on Blockchain technology, promises to have a share in its systems and prefers to give users more confidence in the direction of users’ data than multinational holding companies. Since every user has the right to verify the data, a solution approach of 100% they will be inside. Designed by Pam siblings, this project has a three-year history of collecting physical data. We can say that the physical factors that they have gathered from the various regions have passed the front element.

Token’s symbol is XDT. Dataeum tokens, which produced a total of 1 billion units, are foreseen to be sold in half of the ICO process. Pre-ICO period is 20 August 2018, ICO period is September 24, 2018. 50% of tokens are sold and 20% are reserved for team and investors and bounty program. If we think of the token price as 1ETH = 12000XDT, we can say as $ 0.04 with the current rate. Hard cap limit is set at 35000 ETH. Dataeum can be regarded as a great project, trying to do what big companies cannot do and try to catch the target of 100% data collection. This blockchain-based project aims to put individuals at the center of data collection. This shows that both individuals and companies can take part in a project that can play a very important role. We can say that it is a groundbreaking project in which individuals can get what they want, not the workings of the companies.

We can say that the industry’s leading ICO evaluation sites, ICO Bench’s 4.9 out of 5, TrackICO’s 5 full points, investment level are worth a fortune. In these times when ICOs are not much in demand, Dataeum offers a drug-like option.





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A New Understanding in Clean Ecosystem: Cyclean

The rapidly increasing population in the cities and the accompanying increase in the use of motor vehicles, exhaust gases, poor quality fuels, toxic gases emitted without filters from factories and large industrial enterprises cause increasing air pollution today. Motor vehicle-borne air pollution, especially in large cities, has been shown to account for 70% of the total pollution share and at least twice as much pollution as heating air pollution. The World Health Organization (WHO) has also noted that transport-induced air pollution is responsible for a large proportion of urban air pollution. Okumaya devam et