New Bank Format; Lux Ant Digitalbank

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We know that people used cash for years before and there was no bank and the bank was a way to save money and transfer money. And now people make money, money and many other transactions from anywhere in the world and will use this application quickly and safely digital bank. And people can use any currency and give credit online.

Advantages include using Lux ant digital bank Okumaya devam et

Datablockchain: “Merging Big Data and Blockchain Technology”

With the advancement of technology, the amount of data has also increased. Data areas such as data, data mining, data analysis, data collection, big data have become even more important with the increase of technological tools such as blockchain, artificial intelligence, learner machine, smart contracts. The high price prevents small companies from seizing this data. In addition, the complexity of the system has increased, which means that companies have to process multiple data sources. In this context, I would like to talk about the DATABLOCKCHAIN Project in which ICO sales continue. Okumaya devam et

Can Social Media Be Profitable?

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The new generation of social networks will be for the first time mobile, independent of the space connected to a wide range of IoT devices. The number of connected and incremental connections will always allow a company to know everything about you through large data analysis.

But it didn’t have to be? How would you like to control your data, how it is collected and used, or even if you can remove yourself from some services after a while?

This is exactly what is being suggested by ONe Network, a new type of social network that uses blockchain and decentralized application (dApp) technology to deliver the promise of becoming Social Network 2.0 and Privacy 2.0. Okumaya devam et

Are You Ready for New Exchange?


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Sobit is a blockchain based project that aims to develop a digital asset trading platform. This trading platform is user-centric, allowing the user to create a value and collect all the benefits of this decentralized platform. In this ecosystem, SBT which is the Sobit marker will be used.

The core system of Sobit will consist of:

Partnership Plus Community Autonomy:

The platform gives half equity rights to users with several SBT tokens. Equity Capital means that a debt has some equity characteristics, or in other words, it is an illegal equity. Okumaya devam et

Free Marketplace from OmniBazaar


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The Internet reached a great pace in every corner of the world, and then e-commerce grew rapidly. However, the expansion of the banking sector has not adapted to the needs of consumers. As a result, a significant portion of the world’s population could not participate in the e-commerce revolution. OmniBazaar is a free marketplace where people and companies can trade without a credit card or bank account. People from all over the world come together to conduct direct, agentless trade. Buyers can make payments to vendors via Bitcoin and other encryption using the platform. Okumaya devam et

The First User-owned Exchange-Sobit

Sobit is an exchange owned by its users, on which digital assets are traded, including cryptocurrency. Developers of the project offers:
• ownership of shares;
• Mining through transactions;
• complete autonomy of activities.
The creators of Sobit made a new ecosystem that works on the block, supported by the SBT tokens. Each user who owns a certain number of these coins has the right to receive dividends from the activities of the platform.
To date, 10 billion SBTs have been produced, they do not plan to release them additionally. Depending on the number of SBT coins that the user has available, his right is realized – to determine the future development of the platform. Creators are planning the emergence of a completely new ecosystem on the blockhouse, which is in full ownership of users.
SBT coins are a direct proof of all rights to the platform. Tokens, in general, will be produced in the following forms:
• Mining transactions;
• private placement of investors;
• Remuneration to the community.
On the platform, users will have the right to quasi-capital, in accordance with the offer of coins on the exchange. This concept includes the following advantages:
• dividends;
• the right to receive information;
• the right to vote and the like.
The notion of quasi-capital also includes opportunities to exercise the right to own returnable capital, without taking on legal obligations.
The objective of the project
The main goal of the Sobit project is the creation of a digital exchange that belongs to users, functioning on which people receive preferences. For example, dividends. The operating platform has a certain profit – intraday income minus the cost per day. If the user has 1% of the offer of tokens, then he is entitled to 1% of dividends.
Daily income is the total revenue for the given day, which includes:
• Listing fees;
• commissions on transactions;
• commission for withdrawal of funds;
• commission for advertising, etc.
Daily expenses are:
• average labor costs;
• the content of the site;
• maintenance of servers;
• advertising costs, etc.
If the user has SBT tokens of at least 1,000 units, he is entitled to receive dividends, but not more. If the user has less than this amount, then he has no rights completely. If he has 1000 to 20 000 SBT – the user is entitled only to dividends. When a user has more than 20,000 coins, he can realize all the rights to quasi-capital and join the Sobit community, having different advantages.
On the eco-platform, a community will be created where users with 20,000 SBTs and more will be received to specifically impact the work of the platform. The community will have complete autonomy on a separate platform, where a fund of rewards will be created, and vital community missions will be identified. Developers, teams, and individuals will receive rewards for a certain contribution to the development of this community. The platform will grow with its users. The level of security and cohesion will increase.

Sobit Technologies
• On the platform, there will be significant events that will really affect the work of the exchange.
• Informing the community about new platform functions, industry news, plans.
• On-line, platform managers will communicate with users.
Users will be able to vote for the proposed solutions, take part in new projects, receive payment in the following form and for various actions:
• referral commissions;
• Participation in customer service;
• testing of the platform;
• money transaction;
• the message about bugs on the platform;
• bringing new business partners to Sobit, etc.

Users of the platform will be able to make new friends among the famous crypto-enthusiasts and ordinary customers of the exchange. Regular reports on financial activities of Sobit are also included in the list of actions to be carried out on the platform. With the help of this information, monitoring will begin.

In Sobit there will be free entry and exit – anyone who does not want to use the exchange anymore will be able to leave it. When you join, you need a minimum amount of SBT that is frozen. They are defrosted if they wish to leave the platform. All users will be able to use the support, which works with each client individually.

Whitepaper: whitePaper_EN.pdf