ICO’s Getting Safety with ICOVO!

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ICOVO is filtering the icos with the platform it offers. In other words, it allows icos to pass through a security filter. After giving information about ICOVO with a brief explanation in the introduction, let us try to understand better the ICOVO project by explaining the concrete problems and the reasons for the project.

With the rapid development of technology, changes occur in the world. These changes create differences in people’s habits. In the past, Internet technology promised a different world for people, while the crypto money sector now offers the same promises for people. Okumaya devam et

New Crypto Exchange with Secure & User-Friendly Interface

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Since the creation of the first Crypto (Bitcoin) currency in 2009 by strangers using the alias Satoshi Nakamoto there is always a need to exchange tokens into fiat, ie USD etc., the search for this has been around for a long time. time. After BITCOIN’s acceptance and extensive knowledge of Blockchain technology, other projects began to emerge, some of which were ETH, LTC, BCH, NEO, XRP etc., because more and more projects were formalized, the demand for more exchangers became inevitable. While some Blockchain experts try to help people reach their goal of exchanging their tokens, many of the fraudulent activities carried out by these experts have lost asset owners, many exchanges are out there to fill their pockets with hard-earned funds. Some pack in the blink of an eye, some deliberately hold member funds without just reason while others expose people to scammers and hackers who steal their assets at will.

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Unchain Music is Backed by Blockchain

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iMusify is an award-winning music platform reinventing the global music industry to liberate music producers, music lovers and music entrepreneurs. Help you find your creative voice, create a faithful track, discover great music, and reward your contribution. IMU tokens are used as an engine that supports imusify’s multi-layered, decentralized music economy. This will create tremendous potential value for the use of the indicator throughout the imusif’s infiltration into the industry. Through our smart reward and compensation system, IMU is either rewarded for the contribution of the platform or used as a currency to share digital assets and services. Creating trust and transparency among artists, fans, fans and industry service providers; imusify is an award-winning music platform reinventing the global music industry to liberate music producers, music lovers and music entrepreneurs. Help you find your creative voice, create a faithful track, discover great music, and reward your contribution. Okumaya devam et

Remove Middleman from Music

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iMusify is an award-winning music platform that recreates the global music industry to liberate music producers, music lovers and music entrepreneurs. It will help you find your creative voice, create loyal followers, discover great music and get an award for your contribution. The Imusify platform is designed to serve artists and provide autonomy amongst product suppliers, to achieve higher revenue and to provide transparent transactions. Imusify’s open source platform creates an efficient and lucrative system for content creators to work and collaborate on the network. Okumaya devam et

HODL or not to HODL!

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The hold or not that is all about it. This question is one of the most controversial issues in the crypto-money sector. HOLD is a term that has emerged from the wrong pronunciation of the word HOLD, which actually means English, and is adopted in the crypto-money sector. It means taking crypto coins and keeping them for a long time, regardless of fluctuations.

Crypto coins were inexpensive, and long-term storage was a huge gain. But success can also bring a similar gain to a TRADE transaction. This is exactly what the LUCRE trade project has developed with this algorithm, and crypto coins are set to deliver even greater gains than HODL. With this algorithm, not only the crypto coins rise, but also you can gain as you fall.

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Ready for Moon with Papusha?

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PRT ICO produces low capacity oil treatment units to process black petroleum fuel and produce liquid fuel using transonic combustion technology.

Papusha (PreICO) is a global and decentralized platform for managing cumulative scores and loyalty programs. After analyzing a large number of loyalty programs from different points the developer cannot find a good application. This directly damages the user as well as the loyalty programs not being successfully implemented and increasing responsibility towards the company. Okumaya devam et

New Generation of Crypto Mining


Hello dear readers, I’m going to talk about the new project Ethereum network established in the mining industry is a project. Mining has recently become a low-cost investment with low-cost profits. Securix finds a solution to this problem. Increases profitability by greatly reducing energy costs. In this way, you will be able to make high-profit mining investments again. If you want to examine Securix closely, read the rest of this article.

Securix is ​​an enterprise dealing with the production of virtual money Bitcoin. Okumaya devam et

Easy Travel from AirSave Travel

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Travel is one of the most inspiring events offered to us. It is about discovering new places on the surface and opening your horizons to experience different cultures, cuisines, and landscapes. However, getting to remote places can be extremely expensive. To put it simply, not everyone can travel to Africa, New Zealand or Iceland.

Airsave Travel uses blockchain technology to create a revolutionary platform. With Airsave Travel, users collaborate with STA Travel, a worldwide travel company, to create an App that users can collaborate on in order to save their cryptocurrency and exchange them for future travel packages!

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Travel Getting Easier with Please.

If you live in the monotony of home-work and work-home, most of your time is close to taking the rebellion flag. Everyone should take some time for themselves. Yes, you may need to work hard and earn money in order to make a living and get to where you want to live, but you need to motivate yourself to work efficiently.

Nobody expects you to carry the burden of the whole world on your shoulder, but rather, I don’t expect your close circle to expect it. Okumaya devam et

New Exchange for Crypto Community

The aim is to be a change that is respected by the community of crypto money. It aims to provide the most comprehensive, secure, transparent and collaborative exchange platform on the market. We want to bring a new breath to the crypto world and break the ‘single profit’ policy on most exchanges.

Exchange of a crypto money is not an easy task. Establishing a change that provides complete tools and features is even more difficult. At Cryptonity, he knows how to work to meet these demands. However, we believe that existing markets, including those that have long existed in the market, can be developed. There are many ways for this. Excellence is very difficult to achieve, but we are trying to get as close as possible. Okumaya devam et