With the presence of the INFLEUM decentralized platform, businesses will have the capacity to overcome existing regional or physical barriers, and businesses will be able to offer advertising / marketing services tailored to the needs of different customers.

The INFLUEM platform uses Smart Contract and Blockchain to easily monitor and verify. The INFLUEM platform hopes to be a clear innovation platform, taking into account the establishment of a decentralized ecosystem for every user, including individuals and businesses.


• The publication of brands combines advertising and marketing as well as advertising.

• Digital marketing has an evolutionary method.

• There is a weak customer strategy and marketing resulting in a 47% failure.

• The advertising sector is largely inefficient.

• No transparency.


INFLEUM is a blockchain platform created by ELSOLCOMPANY, aiming at creating a transparent trade structure and transforming each individual’s small ideas or actions into profits.

ELSOLCOM has a brand publishing company that collects the experience and knowledge it needs to find solutions to the different problems faced by small ideas to become an active business.

ELSOLCOM has created a brand publishing platform to help small brands realize their potential. This platform effectively combines planning, design and marketing in a single process, resulting in immediate profits. By highlighting the boundaries between industries and distinguished roles, INFLEUM enables the impossible task of free participation. The structure of INFLEUM creates a transparent and useful trading platform for each user.


The home brand publishing platform has made ELSOLCOM a successful ecosystem. ELSOLCOM will primarily create an ecosystem that generates immediate returns.

Many of the existing platforms and services have a one-sided structure where a particular advertiser distributes rewards to a specific marketer and a specific provider who will only distribute awards to specific users.

INFLEUM offers a compensation that measures the contribution and behavior of individuals in the ecosystem, however it works in a different dimension.


The first version of the INFLEUM platform is advertising and publishing of brands. The key and most important strength of INFLEUM is that everyone can use the commercial API, use the open Source API, or use an existing protocol to develop a DAPP to provide services.


The existence of a smart contracted agency system.

• Big Data and AI-based target marketing system.

• The existence of a fair and decentralized evaluation system.

• The existence of the lowest commission.

• Availability of competition environment.


The INFLEUM auxiliary token serves two different purposes. Token is used on the platform for investment and donations.

The increased use of the INFLEUM helper identifier consists of a progressive expansion of the INFLEUM ecosystem.


The total token available is 3,000,000,000 IFUM.

The sale will be 30.0%.

The ecosystem and growth pool will be 30.0%.

The strategic partnership will be 14.0%.

Liquidity and reserve will be 13.0%.

The team will be 10.0%.

Consultants will be 2.0%.

Bounty will be 1.0%.

Symbol name INFLEUM.

Line IFUM.

Total sales volume is 900.000.000.

The Token number volume is 3,000,000,000.


It will be 30% for sales.

Eco and growth will be 30% for the pool.

The strategic partnership will be 14%.

Liquidity and reserve will be 13%.

It will be 10% for the team.

It will be 2% for consultants.

The prize will be 1%.

The soft cover is expected to be $ 3,000,000.

Must be $ 18,000,000 in a hard hat.

The starting price is $ 0.02.

Accepted payment method is ETH, BTC, BCH, LTC, ETC.

Non-sold tokens will be distributed to investors.

Pre-sale starts

The date entered into force on 1 October 2018. Pre-sale expiration date is 31 October 2018

. Public sales will start on November 1, 2018.

Public sale ended on November 30, 2018

er will. The minimum purchase amount is 0.1ETH.


Until 2013: the establishment of ELSOLCOMPANY.

Until 2014: The publication of a brand.

Until 2015: Brand publishing.

Until 2016: Brand publishing, brand launch, awards and certification.

Until 2017: Publishing of brands, awards and certification.

Until 2018: Publishing and launching of brands.

2018 S4: The main ICO and change list of INFLEUM.

2019 S1: INFLEUM’s blockchain awards.

Smart contract and development tool.

2019 S2: Developing the INFLEUM combined wallet.

2019 S3: The beta version of the DAPP REDITO Prototype.

2019 S4: Prototype version of INFLEUM DAPP.

2020 S2: INFLEUM API / SDK version.

2020 S3: Commercialization of the INFLEUM platform.

2020 S4: The main net launch of INFLEUM.