A New Cyrpto-Mining Platform : Node Haven

In today’s days when technological developments have begun to take shape behind us, we often hear words like Blockchain and Crypto money. Especially with the introduction of the blockchain into my life, I was introduced to crypto money in a revolutionary way. The number of crypto coins that started with Bitcoin, the most popular crypto coin, exceeded 1,500 in about 10 years. For decades, the vast majority of the community has come close to crypto parallax and only has to observe. However, many people approaching the distance between blockchain and crypto paradigm have begun to shape their investments accordingly, not in the face of the developments experienced in the institution.

In particular, many financial institutions and banks have begun to adopt the evolving blockchain technology to their systems and update their investment objectives accordingly.

Bitcoin is the first and most popular crypto paradise in the world. Bitcoin can be obtained by changing it with real currencies or it can be produced by mining. Mining is the task of solving complex mathematical processes through machines called RIGs. Those who deal with mining are rewarded with Bitcoin for their transactions. However, there is a need for powerful systems – digging to do this. In fact, the digging process is getting harder day by day. While the digging process can be performed with a single CPU (CPU), today, conversion to GPU (ASIC) systems has been achieved. While this is the case, expensive, cumbersome and overheated systems have begun to be preferred, faster, non-heating and less costly mining systems. ASIC mining has been at its peak in recent times, while mining profits are determined by companies that produce ASIC devices. Briefly, companies that produce ASIC devices rather than miners gain more.

NODE Haven formation, which identifies all these problems very well, has begun in order to bring about a lasting solution to the biggest problem of the crypto money industry and eventually to mention its name on stage with an innovative and revolutionary crypto money project. Having a decentralized structure and supporting independent crypto miners, NODE Haven has begun working on systems that will help crypto miners to work with better conditions. ASIC mining is dependent on the firm, and aims to develop systems that will open the way for independent mining.

NODE Haven, a US-based blockchain hardware manufacturer, wants everyone to have the same advantages as themselves. Equipment manufactured with NODE Haven will not be under NODE Haven’s control, and token holders will reach advanced mining equipment at a lower cost than other ASIC manufacturers. This will ensure that all miners are equal. With a price based on production costs, it also allows for further advancement of mining. In addition to advanced crypto mining equipment, NODE Haven develops various applications and customized blockchain hardware solutions that support artificial intelligence mining.

NODE Haven Solve these Problems:

Provide transparent mining solutions that everyone can access

Ending centralism and supporting independent mining

Drawing down the cost by creating miners’ cooperatives

Easily accessible to the most advanced equipment without competing

Demonstrate new approaches not only in hardware but also in software (Script – artificial intelligence) mining.

Here are all the things we consider that show how the Node Haven system has an important mission and the vision is wide.

The Node Haven system and the Node tokens will bring a huge blow to the traditional market and a revolutionary approach will make the crypto mining a new breath, a new color. In short, the main actors of this game and the way of playing the game will change radically.






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  1. A mark reminiscent of a constellation with a name
    A man in a space suit who wants to go to the moon
    The idea is glamorize

  2. The project is presented by a competent team that has good potential for the
    implementation of the objectives. thank you for writing.

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