GRE: Global Risk Exchange Ecosystem

The risk is part of everyday life. No, everything we do or where we live is at risk. The risk grade changes in different situations. Traditional insurance products are centralized and provide a common solution for everyone. This creates problems for diversified individuals with a risk profile. The lack of personalized insurance products is a big problem for the insurance sector. The traditional insurance industry has lost a lot of financial resources. Okumaya devam et

A New Cyrpto-Mining Platform : Node Haven

In today’s days when technological developments have begun to take shape behind us, we often hear words like Blockchain and Crypto money. Especially with the introduction of the blockchain into my life, I was introduced to crypto money in a revolutionary way. The number of crypto coins that started with Bitcoin, the most popular crypto coin, exceeded 1,500 in about 10 years. For decades, the vast majority of the community has come close to crypto parallax and only has to observe. However, many people approaching the distance between blockchain and crypto paradigm have begun to shape their investments accordingly, not in the face of the developments experienced in the institution. Okumaya devam et