GRE: Global Risk Exchange Ecosystem

The risk is part of everyday life. No, everything we do or where we live is at risk. The risk grade changes in different situations. Traditional insurance products are centralized and provide a common solution for everyone. This creates problems for diversified individuals with a risk profile. The lack of personalized insurance products is a big problem for the insurance sector. The traditional insurance industry has lost a lot of financial resources.

There are many other problems in the industry such as high sales channel cost and low cash productivity, low operating efficiency, abuse of user-specific information, and misleading policy sales and insurance fraud. Similarly, in the derivative market, there are many difficulties, such as uncalculated OTC Transaction volume and opaque risk measurement, counterparty risk and credit risk. In order to solve the above difficulties, it is necessary to adopt the blockchain technology.

Solutions for GRE Risk Market

GLOBAL RISK EXCHANGE (GRE) is a company that provides blockchain solutions for commercial risks for individuals and corporations. They provide tools for managing risks based on Blockchain technology. Intelligent contract-based risk protection and processing take place on the platform. A market will be established for people and institutions that can sell the risks of the desired buyer.

There are three kinds of entities in the platform; insured, insurer and designer. The insured category is made up of people who pay premiums and sell the risks on the market. The second category is the insurer who wants to take risks and accept premiums. Designers or contract designers are people who measure individual risks and design contracts.

The risk exchange market will be decentralized and the wisdom of the kitten will be the judge of the future of the platform. Blockchain technology enables the insurance industry to fully democratize and risk management of contract design, the choice of the crowd.

The platform has many benefits, such as maximizing order efficiency and removing information asymmetry, removing third parties and intermediaries such as market-based risk appraisal and pricing. The GRE Foundation is an independent organization that oversees the technical development of the platform. RISK Token is used for various purposes such as platform operation and settlement.

Ico Details And Team

10 billion RISK tokens were created for the 40% split project for token sales. Token sales are currently on the platform. Funds will be used for the development and marketing of the platform. The team working on the project has many years of experience in blockchain technology and web development.

The financial decisions we make are full of many risks. But it’s part of the equation. Because there are no risk-free prizes. We use insurance products to manage the risks in our lives. These act as lifesavers in many challenging situations of our lives. While individual investors are turning to insurance products, institutional investors find derivative markets suitable for their risks.

The risk is an innate part of financial life. People who can manage the risks with the help of the tools available on the platform will win in the future. The future is centralized, blockchain technology and ephemeris.


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