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sovren Blockchain ile ilgili görsel sonucu

After the big bull season in 2017, he concentrated most of his projects on the crypto money exchange. Since the beginning of 2018 on the ongoing crypto exchange (crypto exchange), ICO started to account for no place. Wherever we look, everyone intends to open its own stock exchange and has organized an ICO for it. But we all know that it is almost impossible for so many stock markets to do real business and provide enough volume. Even at least half of the people who have been involved in the crypto-money trade from the tip-corner know only about 3-5 major stock exchanges. A lot of stock exchanges, which we call local, have to know the cuts or the arbitrage between the stock exchanges, which are obligatory to sell the tokens they buy from the ICO, and this is not enough to provide the volume required for such exchanges. As soon as their popularity is over, they will close the shutters, which will cause many people with a balance in that stock market to suffer, which will indirectly damage the reputation of the crypto money world.

SOVREN will integrate artificial intelligence and robotic technologies into its own sovren ICO ile ilgili görsel sonucuplatform, thus providing full control of all necessary controls and arrangements for the system, which will be a big step in preventing any possible system failure or user victimization. A lot of transactions such as trading of crypto coins, trading of electronic money (fiat) on the crypto money exchange can be accomplished perfectly. All-in-One Exchange (all-in-one trading) means that it will accept the FIAT currency from a global customer base. In addition, the possibility of creating their own smart contracts for ICOs will be available on the Sovren platform.

Sovren platform has two types of trade; It is designed to allow for market orders and limit orders. User trading options have the infrastructure necessary to enable users to create mel Trailing-Stop kayıp and ve Stop-Loss yapı orders and combine them both to maximize profits and minimize losses.

This very extensive process by AI (Artificial Intelligence), RPA (Robotic Process Automation), will have prevented a possible) human Rob error because of its machine intelligence and its basic structure. This business process automation based on the concept of software robots is an emerging example of technology. This artificial intelligence and robotic system, which does not require manpower, performs the application by following the user in the graphical user interface and then performs these tasks by repeating them directly in the GUI. Both technologies are the perfect combination for the Sovren platform. Sovren technology; blockchain, peer-to-peer networks, asymmetric crypto, artificial intelligence, robotic-based technology, decentralized computing, and intelligent contracting concepts will combine in their own platform and will be available to users as soon as possible.

sovren ICO ile ilgili görsel sonucu

On the other hand, the Sovren platform is based in England (United Kingdom) and has been awarded all necessary legal licenses. This means that he has the support of the UK and will never encounter any legal hardship. Even just these are indications of how seriously the Sovren takes their work and how big it is.

Advantages of the Sovren:

No commissions,

24/7 all-in trade with the official Sovren application,

No monthly fees,

No special equipment required,

Security systems are advanced,

Robotic artificial intelligence assistant for automatic support.

Sovren, which will use artificial intelligence, robotics automation, and blockchain technology, will be the right choice for the new generation crypto money trading with 0% commission, efficient and user interface. In addition, the Sovren will list all major crypto coins (Bitcoin, Ethereum, Ripple & Bitcoin Cash) as soon as the platform is ready and will allow for a mutual trade. Also, the official crypto money of the platform will be SVRN. The owners of the SVRN will have various privileges within the platform. These privileges will be more clearly understood when the Sovren platform is operational.







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