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We know that people used cash for years before and there was no bank and the bank was a way to save money and transfer money. And now people make money, money and many other transactions from anywhere in the world and will use this application quickly and safely digital bank. And people can use any currency and give credit online.

Advantages include using Lux ant digital bank

Unlike the bank, it is open 24 hours a day

Speed ​​and time efficient

Confidential and hides all information

Access from anywhere in the world

Completely safe


The concept of this new method is to achieve digital banking in all parts of the world in urban and rural areas, so people with low incomes or women and homeless people should be digitally trained to learn about digital and thus costly. And the information is not transparent and it is an app for managing the transaction and also for the process, and it is really useful for people who want to send money quickly and safely, and also pay completely safe for people traveling. needs cash in case of emergency.

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Lux ant digital also added token and normal coins, and people can buy it and the buyer is known by the partner of the company and can benefit from the rights and the amount will be verified by the web. company.

Token Allocation

Tokens are allocated to different groups where half of the bagels are allocated and held for public sale, and 18% is allocated for teams and 15% is allocated and 10% is allocated to POP and 5% and 2% is allocated to consultants . and their grace respectively.


It is an upgrade for online banking, where people can save money and send money from anywhere in the world quickly and safely and really help them reach this system everywhere, and people can keep track of transactions. it eliminates all the middlemen and people can apply for online credit and people can use the LUX digital bank ATMs worldwide.


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