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cryptonity ile ilgili görsel sonucu

Since the creation of the first Crypto (Bitcoin) currency in 2009 by strangers using the alias Satoshi Nakamoto there is always a need to exchange tokens into fiat, ie USD etc., the search for this has been around for a long time. time. After BITCOIN’s acceptance and extensive knowledge of Blockchain technology, other projects began to emerge, some of which were ETH, LTC, BCH, NEO, XRP etc., because more and more projects were formalized, the demand for more exchangers became inevitable. While some Blockchain experts try to help people reach their goal of exchanging their tokens, many of the fraudulent activities carried out by these experts have lost asset owners, many exchanges are out there to fill their pockets with hard-earned funds. Some pack in the blink of an eye, some deliberately hold member funds without just reason while others expose people to scammers and hackers who steal their assets at will.

Currently, there are many exchangers such as Coinbase, Bittrex, Binance, Poloniex, HitBtC, Idex, Hotbit, OKEX, and others. As much as these exchangers try to satisfy the crypto community, there are obviously some differences that have left Crypto Asset owners in the shadow of their dreams. However, with the emergence of Cryptonity Exchange, community members can confidently save their assets without fear of loss or fraud. Created from the words of the crane; CRYPTO and COMMUNITY, Cryptonity is a simple, powerful and meaningful exchange that will be respected by the Crypro Community. With a view to providing the most comprehensive, transparent, collaborative and safe exchange platform, Cryptonity will bring good vibrations to Crypto World.

Features that have Cryptonitycryptonity ile ilgili görsel sonucu

Comprehensive Cryptosystem: Cryptonity will have its own Token with an XNY ticker. With XNY as a holding on the Cryptonity exchange, users will be given access to the lowest costs on the exchange, this measure will give XNY HOLDERS an edge over others. Cryptonity will provide users with the most ergonomic trading tools and performance. Cryptonity will also develop its own blockchain plus a decentralized exchange that will increase community participation through the prize program.

Security and Insurance: if there is one thing that investors really want, it is the security of assets and insurance. With Cryptonity, users are given the safest trading platform while working with the best security experts in the Crypto market. With Cryptonity, user funds will be insured and this will allow them to be returned when they lose their assets.

Community-centric trading platform: Unlike other exchanges that are less concerned about members of their community, Cryptonity will run a project that enables the involvement of the crypto community in the evolution of the platform. With this measure, user needs and requests will be met. Community members will have a voice in the features to be developed and coins to be included.

Responsive multilingual customer service: “Without effective communication, no success can be recorded”. People from various parts of the world will have this Cryptonity Community without a language barrier. Communitarian members will benefit from low costs and transparent policies.

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