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iMusify is an award-winning music platform that recreates the global music industry to liberate music producers, music lovers and music entrepreneurs. It will help you find your creative voice, create loyal followers, discover great music and get an award for your contribution. The Imusify platform is designed to serve artists and provide autonomy amongst product suppliers, to achieve higher revenue and to provide transparent transactions. Imusify’s open source platform creates an efficient and lucrative system for content creators to work and collaborate on the network.

Nowadays, the rapid transition to digital environment has caused a serious loss of income in the artists. Currently, artists’ incomes are exploited due to excessive inefficiencies in the existing central music industry. Lack of transparency within the system has led to loss of income, misdirection of ownership, and ineffective licensing processes. Not only are artists struggling to get a fair and sustainable income, but they also generate unjust income and grow through the exploitation of big organizations, artists and creative content.

Thİlgili resime platform provides services for different uses for different types of users. They serve as a market place for news app, network space, incubator, music discovery platform, merchandise and services, a discussion forum or a unique combination of them. Each user will have a lot of fun functions. The platform also offers a clear space for innovation that offers new products, features, tools and services beyond the music industry.

The task of Imusifi is to provide an open source of innovation to develop new tools for music distribution, consumption and participation. Imusify is a music smart economy to provide a direct change between artists, fans and other stakeholders by giving the value of our community to the power of the music industry to control the future.

How does it work?

The platform will accommodate many features. These features include live broadcasting, community funding, media sharing, social and economic networking. It is planned to eliminate the need for these intermediaries. It will also provide transparency, solve inefficiencies and reward for artists and other service providers. Some uses of platform services include artist mass funding, encouraged content creation, transparent artist royalty payments, network collaboration, and open source development.

The platform has an easy to use interface. It will also use neo-python as a blockchain intermediate software for communication between the UI and the smart contract. Imusify will revolutionize the global music industry and liberate music lovers, music producers and music entrepreneurs.

IMU tokens, which are the tokens of the platform, are used as a tool to support Imusify’s multi-layered, decentralized music economy. This will create tremendous potential value for the token to use during the infiltration of Imusif into the industry. It is rewarded for the contributions of the platform through the smart reward and compensation system or used as a currency to share digital assets and services.

Imusify’s smart contract is designed to complement the token sale that is available as a NEO Smart Contract template to meet specific requirements. This initial contract will have basic functionality and will distribute the IMU to token sales participants. After the sale of Token, the platform will be designed by integrating the first intelligent contract with additional protocol layers to ensure maximum security and flexibility for all uses of the platform.

Thinimusify app ile ilgili görsel sonucugs to do with Imusify

  • Funding for music projects (Crowdfund)
  • Supporting the most popular artist
  • Discovering new music
  • Publish the most popular songs
  • Collaborate with anyone in any place
  • Receive special tickets for show programs
  • Connect with fans
  • Receive payment for creative services


On the platform, artists can launch mass funding campaigns to finance music products such as albums, videos and concert tours. Artists, if they wish, will have the opportunity to give their supporters an award in the form of early access to their contents, tickets and special fan experiences. Artists also have the option of bringing together fans in a better way by providing affiliate licenses where they can gain direct earnings by promoting and selling content in the networks of fans who support an artist.

Transparent and Fair Payments

This ecosystem will have many advantages through block chain technology. As a music sharing platform, it will automatically compensate artists on a per-stream basis by distributing money directly to the privileged wallets of individuals or groups with the rights of a particular right holder.

Market Place of Music Industry Participants

There will also be a special market place on the platform. It is a place that allows networking and community creation for all enthusiastic entrepreneurs, artists and industry members. This market allows participants to conduct creative services and products related to various business development or videography, production, advertising, content design, promotion, and all other media-related or creative content.

Award System

The platform has a very important and different award system. In addition to rewarding artists to publish their copyrighted content, Imusify’s reward system is designed to promote quality contribution and improvement on the platform by rewarding the creators (posts, playlists, interpretations) of social content for specific actions. In order to promote the sustainability of the ecosystem and motivate quality participation among users, the reward model is adapted to eliminate the need for a ı prize pool taklit by facilitating user-to-user rewards, in contrast to simulating rewards for users.

Decentralized Exchange

Users will be able to sell IMU tokens via a decentralized exchange. It is very important that artists and various user types interact intuitively with the platform, and have a simple and convenient tool for exchanging IMU token currency and other currencies, so that they can easily pay for their payments and rewards.

Common Evolutionary Copyright Management

Using Imusify’s non-decentralized data book security and invariance will implement a multi-layered protocol that allows content creators to manage ownership rights and license information.

IMU Token is used as a machine that supports a decentralized and multi-layered music economy. Using this token in the music industry will create tremendous potential value. With the smart reward and compensation system, the IMU will be rewarded for use as a currency to contribute to the platform or to change digital assets and services. A living ecosystem emerges, creating trust and transparency between artists, fans and industry service providers.

This promising ecosystem will contribute to the NEO Marketplace ecosystem. The project seems to have been carefully prepared by group members, products, partners, marketing members. The project aims to develop the digital music industry. This project promises to be one of the highlighted ICO projects in the fourth quarter of 2018. You should follow this project closely and do not miss the ICO investment opportunity.









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