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Cobinhood, a service platform for a recognized crypto money, announced the exclusive relationship of the e-commerce verification platform. Cobinhood, which helps users maximize returns from crypto-currency investments, aims to support and advise the company’s initial money offer (ICO) launch.

The SBA will be used to reward mass resource participants and enforcement agencies that assist the ICO token, manual verification and reconciliation decision making. The platform can also be used to purchase a brand-privileged item or to trade on other exchanges (SBA). The relationship between Cobinhood and simplyBrand will show the effort to fight counterfeit or counterfeit transactions on e-commerce platforms. The joint effort will make digital trade more reliable.

Basically, products that are recognized by the SimplyBrand ecosystem will be purchased using SBA token, which can also be traded on other crypto changes. This move will enable digital trading consumers to make better background checks, while players will strive to achieve good ratings.

The community’s lack of trust in digital assets increases the need for an organization that serves to protect consumer security, and hackers expose potential hazards in developing technology to reveal the potential danger to online security. simplyBrand A.I. and blockchain to place advanced identification and validation operations for each process. Information of the violating parties will be published in the cost blacklist leri of the blockchain for public references, increasing costs and creating new barriers for counterfeit retailers. Brands that want to maintain their reputation will know that any end user can control security through the connections of SimplyBrand prior to purchase.

simplyBrand is now ready for exclusive sales and has an ongoing campaign for early participants in the Telegram group! SimplyBrand’s Telegraph Announcement Channel and Telegraph Discussion Group to win SimplyBrand Tokens (SBA).

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