Uptherium Crypto Apps Hub

The Uptherium app claims to be designed to work with the entire network and create a seamless experience. Therefore, they have developed a comprehensive review process for each application added to the network. They say they’ve developed new application projects with creative developers and capabilities that offer the best, brightest, and most useful applications for you.

Uptherium is the only crypto application center that unites your world under one platform for convenience and provides members with a better way to receive crypto money from applications in the ecosystem on a daily basis. Okumaya devam et

SimplyBrand Can Change The E-Commerce


Cobinhood, a service platform for a recognized crypto money, announced the exclusive relationship of the e-commerce verification platform. Cobinhood, which helps users maximize returns from crypto-currency investments, aims to support and advise the company’s initial money offer (ICO) launch.

The SBA will be used to reward mass resource participants and enforcement agencies that assist the ICO token, manual verification and reconciliation decision making. Okumaya devam et

Ready for Moon with Papusha?

papusha ICO ile ilgili görsel sonucu

PRT ICO produces low capacity oil treatment units to process black petroleum fuel and produce liquid fuel using transonic combustion technology.

Papusha (PreICO) is a global and decentralized platform for managing cumulative scores and loyalty programs. After analyzing a large number of loyalty programs from different points the developer cannot find a good application. This directly damages the user as well as the loyalty programs not being successfully implemented and increasing responsibility towards the company. Okumaya devam et