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After the big bull season in 2017, he concentrated most of his projects on the crypto money exchange. Since the beginning of 2018 on the ongoing crypto exchange (crypto exchange), ICO started to account for no place. Wherever we look, everyone intends to open its own stock exchange and has organized an ICO for it. But we all know that it is almost impossible for so many stock markets to do real business and provide enough volume. Even at least half of the people who have been involved in the crypto-money trade from the tip-corner know only about 3-5 major stock exchanges. A lot of stock exchanges, which we call local, have to know the cuts or the arbitrage between the stock exchanges, which are obligatory to sell the tokens they buy from the ICO, and this is not enough to provide the volume required for such exchanges. As soon as their popularity is over, they will close the shutters, which will cause many people with a balance in that stock market to suffer, which will indirectly damage the reputation of the crypto money world. Okumaya devam et

HODL or not to HODL!

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The hold or not that is all about it. This question is one of the most controversial issues in the crypto-money sector. HOLD is a term that has emerged from the wrong pronunciation of the word HOLD, which actually means English, and is adopted in the crypto-money sector. It means taking crypto coins and keeping them for a long time, regardless of fluctuations.

Crypto coins were inexpensive, and long-term storage was a huge gain. But success can also bring a similar gain to a TRADE transaction. This is exactly what the LUCRE trade project has developed with this algorithm, and crypto coins are set to deliver even greater gains than HODL. With this algorithm, not only the crypto coins rise, but also you can gain as you fall.

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