New Crypto Exchange with Secure & User-Friendly Interface

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Since the creation of the first Crypto (Bitcoin) currency in 2009 by strangers using the alias Satoshi Nakamoto there is always a need to exchange tokens into fiat, ie USD etc., the search for this has been around for a long time. time. After BITCOIN’s acceptance and extensive knowledge of Blockchain technology, other projects began to emerge, some of which were ETH, LTC, BCH, NEO, XRP etc., because more and more projects were formalized, the demand for more exchangers became inevitable. While some Blockchain experts try to help people reach their goal of exchanging their tokens, many of the fraudulent activities carried out by these experts have lost asset owners, many exchanges are out there to fill their pockets with hard-earned funds. Some pack in the blink of an eye, some deliberately hold member funds without just reason while others expose people to scammers and hackers who steal their assets at will.

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New Exchange for Crypto Community

The aim is to be a change that is respected by the community of crypto money. It aims to provide the most comprehensive, secure, transparent and collaborative exchange platform on the market. We want to bring a new breath to the crypto world and break the ‘single profit’ policy on most exchanges.

Exchange of a crypto money is not an easy task. Establishing a change that provides complete tools and features is even more difficult. At Cryptonity, he knows how to work to meet these demands. However, we believe that existing markets, including those that have long existed in the market, can be developed. There are many ways for this. Excellence is very difficult to achieve, but we are trying to get as close as possible. Okumaya devam et