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imusify app ile ilgili görsel sonucu

iMusify is an award-winning music platform reinventing the global music industry to liberate music producers, music lovers and music entrepreneurs. Help you find your creative voice, create a faithful track, discover great music, and reward your contribution. IMU tokens are used as an engine that supports imusify’s multi-layered, decentralized music economy. This will create tremendous potential value for the use of the indicator throughout the imusif’s infiltration into the industry. Through our smart reward and compensation system, IMU is either rewarded for the contribution of the platform or used as a currency to share digital assets and services. Creating trust and transparency among artists, fans, fans and industry service providers; imusify is an award-winning music platform reinventing the global music industry to liberate music producers, music lovers and music entrepreneurs. Help you find your creative voice, create a faithful track, discover great music, and reward your contribution.

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In the current music industry, money is an important tool. Fast music required a variety of ways to make money from content. The problem is, in any case, that the music work was built as a unified framework for physical distribution. This was a place in the 1970s when internet and record companies did not resort to actual records. This unified framework was not designed for the present advanced world, and its obsolete structure has created numerous wasteful aspects of the music value chain. Fortunately, we have the technology to begin to distract the music business from the center by providing added value to artists, consumers and other industry players.

Imusify is one of the pioneers of music’s development of decentralization. Other blockchain music projects likewise point to authority in addressing some waste elements, such as waste booking and copyright management. In any case, what is separate from the whole music value chain, including clustering, production, collaboration, musical promotion, live events, and much more, which plans to serve different partners and players? The existing blockchain music initiatives are designed to come in concession, while handling some of the current confusion of music business. We create an adaptable and scalable technology structure for artists, music enthusiasts, business people and developers to interface with the platform reuniting network, make community-oriented content, and create new use cases.

I think we can better understand the problem if we look at the intermediaries in the current system. The components of the sector are many stakeholders, such as publishers, producers, producers, physical distributors, digital distributors, public relations agencies, advertisers and companies collecting copyrights. Unfortunately, this crowded ecosystem is the most important link of the system and the real rights owner can not get what he deserves.

While Blockchain creates heap opportunities to expand personal satisfaction for all sorts of purposes and purposes, working as a decentralized union presents a natural risk. With the introduction of crypto currencies and exchanges, the limit of speculation has decreased significantly. As a result, the increase in the number of foreign currencies and initial money supply led to several economic boom and bust scenes.

We see this as the obligation to display a durable document that allows us to enter the time of the blockchain & currency trading’s bir whitepaper position m and the time of original use and actual values. Although most white books do not examine a more remarkable setting of the blockchain economy, this review may be profitable for our readers by clearing the inevitable vulnerability of an imaginative creative traveler and giving key information to partners and early adopters. Trained choices or decisions.

Imusify Key Components

Crowdfunding Engine

Transparent and fair payments

Market Place of Music Industry Participants

Reward system

Distributed Change

Co-converter copyright management

Imu Token Commercialization

The IMU tokens will be used as a machine room to support one of the main working block chained music economies, creating a tremendous potential incentive for the use of the symbol through betrayal. The IMU is charged to imusify’s IMU pool in any relationship or exchange between artists, fans, and supporters, or used as money to exchange digital assets and administrations.

The IMU utility token is an NEP-5 token that can be accessed for purchase. Part of the bulk IMU will be made accessible through a sales-sale, keeping in mind the ultimate goal to support the development and launch of the immoze platform. IMU tokens are not securities. Having the IMU markers cannot take any responsibility for the organization, its intellectual property rights or the right to benefit from the period.

imusify app ile ilgili görsel sonucu

Imu Tokens Used Priority

Providing artists a consistent reward on each flow basis

Reward customers for curating and adding content

Purchase and license content

Crowdfund artist content projects

Make an incentive exchange between service providers and creators

Coin Flow

The IMU helper code will be made accessible to the general population through a token sale. The tokens will be listed on a few stock exchanges after the sale buckle is sold. The value of the IMU token shifts under the light of the current transaction value.

NEO will soon release a new NEP-7 update. NEP-7 will allow NEO intelligent contracts to automatically execute transactions on the NEO blockchain triggered by NEO or GAS operations.

imusify app ile ilgili görsel sonucuUp to NEP-7, challenging process frameworks should be written to the NEO intelligent contracts to allow such transactions to take place. In the case of ICOs, the NEP-7 update will significantly improve the safety and ease of people who contribute to the NEO or GAS.

In addition to the ICO functionality, the NEP-7 update will increase the efficiency and usability of all NEO intelligent contracts. We were very excited to see the developments that followed the implementation of the NEP-7 standard to MainNet.

This is a big step forward for the entire NEO community, but it imposes some restrictions on ICO smart contracts that will be konuş alive Bu when NEP – 7 deployment occurs. Therefore, in order to reduce the risks of having a continuous ICO during the update, our team chose to postpone the imco ICO for four weeks.

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